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Welcome to the Annual International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding!

Welcome to the epicenter of global conflict resolution and peacebuilding – the Annual International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, hosted by the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation (ICERMediation). Join us every year in the vibrant city of White Plains, the birthplace of the State of New York, for a transformative event dedicated to fostering understanding, dialogue, and actionable solutions to the complex challenges of ethnic, racial, and religious conflict.

Conflict Resolution

Date: September 24-26, 2024

Location: White Plains, New York, USA. This is a hybrid conference. The conference will host both in-person and virtual presentations.

Why Attend?

Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies

Global Perspectives, Local Impact

Immerse yourself in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences from experts, scholars, and practitioners from around the world. Gain insights into the most pressing issues facing ethnic and religious communities globally and explore strategies for local impact.

Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation

Stay at the forefront of conflict resolution and peacebuilding with access to groundbreaking research and innovative approaches. Engage with scholars and researchers who are shaping the future of conflict resolution through their insightful presentations and discussions.

Annual International Conference
International Conference

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse and influential network of professionals, academics, and activists committed to promoting peace and understanding. Forge partnerships and collaborations that can enhance your work in the field and contribute to building a more harmonious world.

Interactive Workshops and Training

Participate in hands-on workshops and training sessions designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Learn from experts who bring practical insights and real-world experience to empower you in your efforts to make a difference.

Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution
Peace Crane presented to Dr. Basil Ugorji by the Interfaith Amigos

Keynote Speakers

Be inspired by keynote speakers who are global leaders in the field of ethnic and religious conflict resolution. Their stories and perspectives will challenge your thinking and motivate you to be a catalyst for positive change.

Race and Ethnicity Conference in USA

Cultural Exchange

Experience the rich diversity of cultures and traditions through cultural performances, exhibitions, and interactive activities. Engage in meaningful dialogues that celebrate our differences and highlight the common threads that unite us as humanity.

Who Can Attend?

We welcome a diverse range of attendees, comprising:

  1. Experts, researchers, academics, and graduate students from various multidisciplinary fields.
  2. Practitioners and policy makers actively engaged in conflict resolution.
  3. Delegates representing the councils of indigenous leaders.
  4. Representatives from local and national governments.
  5. Delegates from international organizations and inter-governmental agencies.
  6. Participants from civil society or nonprofit organizations and foundations.
  7. Representatives from businesses and for-profit organizations with an interest in conflict resolution.
  8. Religious leaders from different countries who contribute to the discourse on conflict resolution.

This inclusive gathering aims to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and meaningful discussions among a broad spectrum of individuals dedicated to addressing and resolving conflicts.

International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

Important Information for Participants

Presentation Guidelines (For Presenters)

In-Person Presentation Guidelines:

  1. Time Allocation:
    • Each presenter is allocated a 15-minute slot for their presentation.
    • Co-authors sharing a presentation must coordinate the distribution of their 15 minutes.
  2. Presentation Material:
    • Utilize PowerPoint presentations with visuals (images, graphs, illustrations) to enhance engagement.
    • Alternatively, if not using PowerPoint, prioritize fluent and eloquent verbal delivery.
    • Conference rooms are equipped with AV, computers, projectors, screens, and a provided clicker for seamless slide transitions.
  3. Exemplary Presentation Models:
  1. Q&A Session:
    • Following the panel presentations, a 20-minute Q&A session will be held.
    • Presenters are expected to respond to questions posed by participants.

Virtual Presentation Guidelines:

  1. Notification:
    • If presenting virtually, promptly inform us via email of your intention.
  2. Presentation Preparation:
    • Prepare a 15-minute presentation.
  3. Video Recording:
    • Record your presentation and ensure it adheres to the specified time limit.
  4. Submission Deadline:
    • Submit your video recording by September 1, 2024.
  5. Submission Methods:
    • Upload the video to your ICERMediation profile page’s video album.
    • Alternatively, use Google Drive or WeTransfer and share the recording with us at [email protected].
  6. Virtual Presentation Logistics:
    • Upon receiving your recording, we will provide a Zoom or Google Meet link for your virtual presentation.
    • Your video will be played during the allocated presentation time.
    • Engage in the Q&A session in real-time via Zoom or Google Meet.

These guidelines ensure a seamless and impactful presentation experience for both in-person and virtual participants. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to your valuable contributions at the conference.

Hotel, Transportation, Direction, Parking Garage, Weather


It is your responsibility to book your hotel room or make alternative arrangements to find accommodation while you are in New York for this conflict resolution conference. ICERMediation does not and will not provide accommodation for conference participants. However, we can recommend a few hotels in the area to assist conference participants.


In the past, some of our conference participants stayed in these hotels:

Hyatt House White Plains

Address: 101 Corporate Park Drive, White Plains, NY 10604

Phone: +1 914-251-9700

Sonesta White Plains Downtown

Address: 66 Hale Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601

Phone: +1 914-682-0050

Residence Inn White Plains/Westchester County

Address: 5 Barker Avenue, White Plains, New York, USA, 10601

Phone: +1 914-761-7700

Cambria Hotel White Plains – Downtown

Address: 250 Main Street, White Plains, NY, 10601

Phone: +1 914-681-0500

Alternatively, you can search on Google with these keywords: Hotels in White Plains, New York.

Before you book, verify the distance from the hotel to the conference location at the ICERMediation Office, 75 S Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601.  



Depending on your departing airport and airline, there are four airports to arrive at: Westchester County Airport, JFK, LaGuardia, Newark Airport. While LaGuardia is near,  international participants usually arrive the United States through JFK. Newark Airport is in New Jersey. Conference participants from other US states can fly in through Westchester County Airport which is located at about 4 miles (7 minutes drive) from the conference location at 75 S Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601.

Ground Transportation: Airport Shuttle including GO Airport Shuttle & more.

ShuttleFare.com is offering a $5 discount off airport shuttle transportation to and from Airport and your Hotel with Uber, Lyft and GO Airport Shuttle.

To Book Reservation Click Airport Link:

Shuttlefare in New York John F. Kennedy Airport

Shuttlefare in New York La Guardia Airport

Shuttlefare in Newark Airport

Shuttlefare in Westchester Airport

Coupon Code = ICERM22

(Enter code on ride reward box at bottom of the checkout page before submitting payment)

Once you complete your reservation an email confirmation will be sent to you and this will be your travel voucher for your airport transportation. It will also include instructions on where to meet your shuttle when you arrive at the airport as well as any important phone numbers for the day of travel.

SHUTTLEFARE CUSTOMER SERVICE: For reservation changes or questions contact customer service:

Phone: 860-821-5320, Email: [email protected]

Monday – Friday 10am ­- 7pm EST, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 6pm EST

Parking Access Airport Parking Reservations Nationwide

International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation has negotiated a special rate with parkingaccess.com, a national provider of airport parking reservations, for airport parking at your departure airport. Enjoy a $10 Parking Rewards Credit when you book your airport parking reservation using the code ” ICERM22” at checkout (or when you Register)


Visit parkingaccess.com and enter ” ICERM22” at checkout (or when you Register) and follow the instructions on the screen to complete your reservation. The code is valid in any U.S. airports served by Parking Access.

Parking access offers high quality, low cost airport parking operators with the convenience of reserving and pre-paying ahead of time guaranteeing you a perfect spot. Additionally, you can easily expense your parking with either your Concur or Tripit account or simply by printing out a receipt.

Book your airport parking online on parkingaccess.com! or by phone 800-851-5863.


Use Google Direction to find direction to 75 S Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601.

Parking Garage 

Lyon Place Garage

5 Lyon Place White Plains, NY 10601

Weather – the Week of the Conference

For more information and updates, visit www.accuweather.com.

Invitation Letter Request

Invitation Letter Request Process:

If required, the ICERMediation Office is pleased to assist you by providing a letter of invitation to facilitate various aspects such as gaining approval from professional bodies, securing travel funds, or obtaining a visa. Given the time-consuming nature of visa processing by consulates and embassies, we strongly recommend that participants initiate their request for a letter of invitation at their earliest convenience.

To request a letter of invitation, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Email Information:

  2. Include the following details in your email:

    • Your full names exactly as they appear in your passport.
    • Your date of birth.
    • Your current residential address.
    • The name of your current organization or university, along with your current position.
  3. Processing Fee:

    • Please be aware that a $110 USD Invitation Letter Processing Fee is applicable.
    • This fee contributes to covering the administrative costs associated with processing your official invitation letter for the in-person conference in New York, USA.
  4. Recipient Information:

    • Letters of invitation will be emailed directly to the individuals or groups who have completed the conference registration.
  5. Processing Time:

    • Kindly allow up to ten business days for the processing of your invitation letter request.

We appreciate your understanding of this process and look forward to assisting you in ensuring a smooth and successful participation in the ICERMediation conference. Should you have any inquiries or require further clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.

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