Directory of Ethnic and Religious Conflict Experts

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Become More Searchable by Joining Our Directory of Conflict Experts

When National Geographic was searching for an expert to consult with on the Farmer-Herder conflict in Nigeria, they found one through the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation. That sparked the idea to create our own bank of specialists.

Governments, journalists, and organizations have all contacted ICERM seeking the services of experts in Ethnic Conflict, Religious Conflict, and Conflict Resolution, and we have been ready for them. As we expand our reach, we want to continue making those connections, now on an even greater scale.

That is why we have just launched an expert directory where qualified candidates will gain exposure and be easily found on the search engine. We seek certified mediators of ethnic and religious conflicts, diplomats, faith leaders, independent researchers, leaders of indigenous peoples, policy makers, practitioners, traditional rulers, and university scholars.

As an expert, you will have the opportunity to create a profile expanding on your professional background, areas of expertise, and the types of services you offer. Easily find others doing related or complementary work, and update your profile at any time.

Ready to try a new platform to share your knowledge? You can help governments resolve ethnic and religious conflicts in their countries, provide journalists with insights for media interviews, and help groups and individuals in conflict resolve their disputes. Create a profile today!

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