Ethno-Religious Mediators Wanted

Ethno Religious Mediator Training

In 2017, our world faced escalating threats. Many of you responded by taking on the challenge of spreading peace. You conducted research, wrote curriculum, prayed with sincerity, created art and engaged in dialogue that would bring about more understanding. You cultivated patience and nurtured connections. You spoke out and also remembered to listen.

You are why ICERM exists–and who ICERM is for. We are a resource for you. We hope you’ll join us at our Mediation Academy. This intensive training will prepare you with the theoretical and practical tools needed to successfully prevent, manage and resolve tribal, ethnic, racial, cultural, religious or sectarian conflicts through analysis, policy development, mediation and dialogue. You can opt for in-person training at our office in New York or online training from anywhere in the world.

Becoming a Certified Mediator of Ethno-Religious Conflicts grants you automatic ICERM membership and access to member benefits.


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