Executive Membership

Great for those holding formal and informal leadership positions

$ 240 Yearly
  • Personalized profile page
  • Connect with other members
  • Post information about your work, organization, culture, community, ethnicity, race, religion, caste, clan, or country
  • Share your culture and tradition with your people in the diaspora. If you are in the diaspora, reconnect with the culture and tradition of your people.
  • View and request to join groups
  • See all events, and attend public ones
  • See job listings and apply for jobs
  • Upload useful sharable contents such as videos, photos, documents, etc.
  • Send articles to our academic journal for a review, and more!
  • Create a group and invite others to join
  • Create events for your group
  • Participate in monthly membership meetings
  • Join committees and working groups
  • Send your newly published book for a review
  • Receive a 20% discount for Ethno-Religious Mediation Training
  • Receive free admission to the International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding held every year in New York, United States
  • Access to a private community of leaders
  • Reserved seat at our annual conference and special events
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