Living Together in Peace and Harmony


In this volume of our peer-reviewed Journal of Living Together, we provide a collection of articles that reflect various aspects of peace studies. The contributions from across the disciplines and grounded by relevant philosophical traditions and theoretical and methodological approaches systematically broach topics dealing with symbolic sectarianism, ethnoreligious and transgenerational conflicts, intercommunal violence, metaphorical awareness, soul-force, wish-actualization, gender and sustainable development, conflict mediation, culture and conflict resolution, identity politics, terrorism and intra-faith dialogue, law enforcement, and religious fundamentalism. Also significant is that a positive or broader conceptualization of peace is embraced; in a world of positive peace, not only is war absent, but human rights are also promoted.

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Editor(s): Bangura, Abdul Karim; Ugorji, Basil

Journal of Living Together, 4-5 (1), pp. 1-240, 2018, ISSN: 2373-6615 (Print); 2373-6631 (Online).

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