Living Together Retreat

The Living Together Retreat is a mixed marriage support initiative of the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation (ICERM). The retreat program is located within the education and training department of the organization.

What is a Mixed Marriage?

A mixed marriage is a marriage between two people of different ethnicities, races, castes, cultures, nationalities, religions, denominations, sects, beliefs, faiths, ideologies, social classes or abilities. In addition to the challenges associated with marriage in general, mixed married couples often encounter numerous difficulties that could hurt their marriage. Because of the complex nature of mixed marriages, mixed married couples and the institutions helping them often do not have access to the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competences needed to successfully navigate their mixed marriage journey.

Who Can Participate in the Retreat?

ICERM is launching this specialized retreat program primarily for mixed married couples and young people who are preparing for mixed marriages: inter-racial marriage, inter-ethnic marriage, inter-cultural marriage, inter-religious marriage, interfaith marriage,  international marriage, as well as marriages involving people with differing philosophical, political, humanistic or spiritual ideologies.

This retreat is also good for couples within the diaspora and immigrant communities, especially those who went or wish to go back to their home countries to marry.

Young people who are preparing for mixed marriages can come for our retreat in order to prepare themselves for a successful, healthy and fruitful marriage relationship and family life. Mixed married couples already in these types of marriage relationship can also come for our retreat in order to renew their love and strengthen their nuptial or marital bond for a healthy marriage relationship and family.


More information about the Living Together Retreat schedule and the registration process will be posted on this page as soon as the arrangements are completed. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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