Living Together Movement

At ICERM, we place strong emphasis on open-hearted discussions in the spirit of give-and-take, reciprocity, mutual trust and good will. We believe that contentious issues have to be resolved privately and quietly, and complicated problems cannot be solved by simply holding violent demonstrations, riots, coups, wars, bombings, assassinations, and massacres or by headlines in the Press. As Donald Horowitz said, “It is only through mutual discussion and good will that amicable settlement can be reached.”

About the Movement

Living Together Movement is a nonpartisan community dialogue project hosted in a safe place of encounter to promote civic engagement and collective action. At the Living Together Movement forums, we encounter differences, similarities and shared values. We exchange ideas on how to foster and sustain a culture of peace, nonviolence and justice in the community.

You’d love to join the Living Together Movement but can’t find a chapter near you. We encourage you to become a Bridge Builder and start a forum in your school, community, city, state or province. We’ll provide you with all the resources and training you’ll need to start a forum and help you to get it going.

To become a Bridge Builder, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a peace-driven individual;
  • Recognize the same humanity in all peoples;
  • Be passionate about bridging the gap between different races, ethnicities, religions, political views, genders, generations and nationalities, in order to increase respect, tolerance, acceptance, understanding and harmony in the world.

If you think you possess the above qualities, and would like to start a Living Together Movement forum, please contact us.

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The Living Together Movement, White Plains Chapter, seeks to create a space that honors the sacredness of words. The acronym for the profound power held in our words—what we write, speak, or think— is embedded in every LTM discussion: W-weave, O-our, R-reality, D-daily.

During our gatherings, we use words to witness and celebrate our oneness and uniqueness; to ask questions that nurture an open-minded and open-hearted dialogue about our collective humanity and individual identities.

We explore the intention and intrinsic energy of speech and how we engage one another in our conversations, our social media posts, and all aspects of our communication. We delve into the question of what reality are we weaving with the threads of our interaction with others. There is always a cause and effect triggered by the resource of words. This understanding helps each of us to be mindful of what we are giving life to with each sentence or paragraph. Is what I’m saying divisive? Is it a judgement? Is it sharing my opinion? Is it healing or hurting? How am I weaving reality for myself and the greater collective I am interacting with that are known or unknown to me? How am I sparking light in the world? Or dimming light in the world? What role am I playing?

To join the White Plains Chapter, visit their page.

The New York City Living Together Movement meets at John H. Holmes Community House, 28 East 35th Street, New York, NY 10016 on the last Thursday of every month.

The theme for the reflections and discussions in 2015 is: Race, Religion and Identity in 21st-Century America.

Download Race, Religion and Identity in 21st-Century America in PDF.

To join this forum, please send email to livingtogethermovement(at)

The Living Together Movement in Uganda is managed by our partner organization, Restore Dialogue Uganda. To learn more about the LTM in Uganda, read their 2021 Living Together Day celebration report and  Living Together Movement Art Exhibition.

Below is a list of active forums in Uganda.

The Living Together Movement was launched in Lahore, Pakistan, in February 2021. The movement was inaugurated in partnership with FACES Pakistan, Ministry for Human Rights, Minority Affairs, and the National Council for Interfaith Peace & Harmony – Pakistan. For more information about this group, visit their Facebook page.


Living Together Movement – Pakistan

Drive to resolve ethnic conflicts launched

Pakistanis join UN’s World Interfaith Harmony Week

ICERM’s Living Together Movement is launched on Feb 06, 2021 in Pakistan

The Cameroon Living Together Movement is based in Douala. Two groups have been formed and meet in different places.

A community forum holds at the Adele Reproductive Health Foundation Training Hall, Grand Magazine, Mambanda, Douala.

The Living Together Movement club meets at St Jacques Comprehensive Bilingual High School, Bonaberi Mambanda, Douala.

To join the Cameroon Living Together Movement, please send email to livingtogethermovement(at)

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