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Are you passionate about preserving and sharing your cultural heritage? Eager to connect with like-minded individuals, whether they’re in your homeland or part of the diaspora? Look no further! ICERMediation is your platform for fostering cultural connections, bridging communities, and empowering each other through shared experiences.


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Profile Page

Create a Profile Page and Connect with Your People

Craft a unique space that reflects your identity. Showcase your cultural journey, traditions, language, and customs on your personalized profile page. Reconnect with your roots! Whether you’re in the diaspora or your home country, ICERMediation provides a space to connect with your community, fostering a sense of belonging.

Connect, Share and Learn

Expand your network! Forge new connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for cultural preservation and community building. Post and share information about yourself, your work, organization, culture, community, ethnicity, race, religion, caste, clan, or country. Learn from others and contribute to a global exchange of knowledge. Share your culture dynamically! Upload videos, audio clips, photos, and documents that capture the essence of your heritage for others to experience and appreciate.

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Indigenous Kingdom

Create or Join an Indigenous Community

Lead the way! Create a Virtual Indigenous Kingdom and invite community members from the diaspora and your home country to join, promoting cultural exchange on a global scale. If you don’t want to create right now, explore and request to join Indigenous Kingdoms to connect with communities that resonate with your cultural identity.

Create or Join a Living Together Movement Chapter

Take initiative! Create a Living Together Movement Chapter for your city or school, inviting people to join and contribute to fostering inclusivity and understanding. Be part of a movement! View and request to join a Living Together Movement Chapter near you, fostering unity and understanding among diverse communities.

Living Together Movement
Isiahaba Autonomous Community – Isiala Ngwa South

Events and Forums

Organize and participate in events and forums tailored to your group. Foster discussions, celebrate cultural milestones, and build a stronger sense of community.

Job Vacancies and Opportunities

Connect professionally! Post job vacancies, call for applications, proposals, and papers from your profile page menu, creating opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Post Job Vacancies on ICERMediation
Free Publishing

Publish Your Work

Showcase your expertise! Publish your papers and other works for free, contributing to a growing repository of knowledge within the ICERMediation community. Share your knowledge and insights with the world. Contribute to a global exchange of ideas and perspectives.

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