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Join the ICERMediation E-Learning Academy as An Instructor – Earn Competitive Revenue Teaching Your Passionate Courses!

Are you an expert in your field, passionate about sharing your knowledge with a global audience, and eager to make a meaningful impact? Join the ICERMediation E-Learning Academy as an instructor and contribute to the global community of learners ready to explore new horizons! At ICERMediation, we believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives.

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Why Become an ICERMediation Instructor?

Instructors from around the world

Diverse Range of Subjects and Global Reach

We welcome instructors from various countries and a vast array of fields, from languages and cultures to sciences, humanities, and everything in between. Reach a global audience eager to expand their horizons. At ICERMediation, we connect students from every corner of the world, creating a truly international learning community.

Empower Others

Make a lasting impact by empowering learners to broaden their understanding of the world. Your expertise can shape the next generation of thinkers and leaders.

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Earn While You Teach

Showcase your knowledge by creating and selling courses in areas such as languages, cultures, cuisines, histories, religions, spiritual practices, arts, sciences, conflict resolution, social justice, and more. Earn recognition for your expertise and generate income while doing what you love. Turn your knowledge into income. Our transparent revenue-sharing model ensures that you are rewarded for your hard work and dedication.


Enjoy the flexibility of creating your course content at your own pace. Set your own course schedule and pricing. Whether you’re an academic, professional, or expert in your field, our platform provides the tools for you to share your insights effectively.

E-Learning Platform
E-Learning Academy

Cutting-Edge Platform

Leverage our user-friendly platform designed for both instructors and learners. We handle the technicalities so you can focus on what you do best—teaching. We provide the tools and resources to make your courses engaging, interactive, and effective.

Instructors Wanted in Various Fields, Including but Not Limited To

Languages, Cultures, Cuisines, Histories, Religions, Spiritual Practices, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Race and Ethnic Studies, Indigenous Studies, Conflict Studies, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, War Studies, Terrorism Studies, Genocide Studies, Colonialism and Post-Colonial Studies, Slavery, Research Methodologies, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Conflict Resolution, Conflict Transformation, Peace Studies, Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, Criminal Justice, Restorative Justice, Transitional Justice, Social Justice, Social Movements, Nonprofit, Fundraising, Grant Management, Community Organizing, Civic Education, Separatist Movements, Politics, Diplomacy, International (or Foreign) Relations, International Development, Public Policy, Public Speaking, Logic, Controversial Public Issues, Humanitarian Studies, Military Science, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Minority Rights, Gender And Sexuality Studies, Environmental Studies, Literature, Archaeology, Philosophy, Area or Regional Studies, Earth Sciences, Physics, Systems Science, Organizational Studies, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Education, Journalism, Communication, Social Media, Marketing, Public Relations, Anthropology, Natural Resources, Oceanography, Climate Change, Migration Studies, Immigration, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Economics, Business, Investment, Money, Statistics, Architecture and Design, Divinity, Urban Planning, Forestry, Consumer Science, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports, Media Studies, Library, Museum, Public Administration, Social Work, Transportation, Accounting, Finance, Tax, Entrepreneurship, Law, Government, Leadership, Geography, Agriculture, Space Exploration and Astronomy, Chemistry, Science, Technology, Computer and Information Sciences, Internet, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Photography, Engineering, Mathematics, Aeronautics and Aviation, Family, Marriage, Therapy, Psychology, Social Sciences, Relationships, Health, Fitness, Beauty, Current Events, Tourism and Travel, Security Studies, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, United Nations, and many more!

Indigenous Cultures

How It Works

  1. Sign Up and Apply: New to the platform? Sign up. Existing user? Sign in. Update your profile page with a profile photo, cover image, and biography, showcasing your expertise and proposed courses. Then click on Course Dashboard and apply to become an instructor.
  2. Approval: Our team will review your application and reach out to discuss your potential as an instructor.
  3. Create Courses: Develop engaging and informative courses with the support of our user-friendly platform. Set your own course schedule and pricing.
  4. Earn Income: Once your course is live and students are enrolled, start earning income from your expertise as you teach.

Be a Catalyst for Lifelong Learning!

ICERMediation E-Learning Academy - Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives!

Together, let's empower minds, inspire change, and make education accessible to all. Apply now and embark on a journey of lifelong learning and teaching excellence!

ICERMediation E-Learning Academy is committed to providing a platform for continuous learning across diverse disciplines. Whether you're an industry expert, a seasoned professional, or a rising star in your field, ICERMediation E-Learning Academy invites you to be part of a global movement toward accessible, quality education. Join us in fostering a community of knowledge seekers and sharers. Inspire, educate, and shape the minds of tomorrow! Your expertise is the catalyst for positive change!