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Inauguration of International Divinity Day

You are invited to join us for the inauguration of International Divinity Day.

International Divinity Day is a multi-religious and global celebration of any and every human soul seeking to commune with their Creator. In any language, culture, religion, and expression of human imagination, International Divinity Day is a statement for all people. 

International Divinity Day advocates for an individual’s right to exercise religious freedom. Civil society’s investment in promoting this inalienable right of all persons will foster a nation’s spiritual development, promote diversity and protect religious pluralism. 

International Divinity Day honors the intrapersonal search as every member of the human family sojourns to understand and find comfort in the mystery of God, if their religious or spiritual traditions encourage this, or in their individual expression of being as their ultimate expression of life, meaning, and moral responsibility. In this light, it is a witness to the forging of peace among all members of the human family in the name of God – beyond any language, ethnicity, race, social class, gender, theology, prayer life, devotional life, ritual, and context. It is a humbling embrace of peace, joy, and mystery.

International Divinity Day encourages multi-religious dialogue. Through this rich and necessary conversation, ignorance is irrevocably refuted. The concerted efforts of this initiative endeavor to foster global support for prevention and reduction of religiously and racially motivated violence – such as violent extremism, hate crime, and terrorism, through authentic engagement, education, partnerships, scholarly work, and practice. These are non-negotiable goals for every individual to promote and work toward in their personal lives, communities, regions, and nations. We invite all to join in this beautiful and sublime day of reflection, prayer, worship, contemplation, community, service, culture, identity, dialogue, life, the ultimate ground of all beings, and the Holy.

Hourly Schedule


5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Location: Ophir Room
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
International Divinity Day Celebration
Location: West Room


Sep 29 2022


Eastern Time
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
The Reid Castle at Manhattanville College


The Reid Castle at Manhattanville College
2900 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577
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