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ICERMediation Radio features programs that inform, educate, engage, mediate, and heal; including News, Lectures, Dialogue (Let’s Talk About It), Documentary Interviews, Book Reviews, and Music (I Am Healed).

“A global peace network dedicated to promoting interethnic and interreligious cooperation”

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As an essential part of the education and dialogue programs, the purpose of ICERM Radio is to educate people about ethnic and religious conflicts, and to create opportunities for interethnic and interreligious exchanges, communication and dialogue. Through programming that informs, educates, engages, mediates, and heals, ICERM Radio promotes positive interaction among people of different tribes, ethnicities, races, and religious persuasions; helps to increase tolerance and acceptance; and supports sustainable peace in the most vulnerable and conflict regions of the world.

ICERM Radio is a pragmatic, proactive and positive response to the frequent, incessant and violent ethnic and religious conflicts around the world. Ethno-religious war constitutes one of the most devastating threats to peace, political stabilization, economic growth and security. As a result, thousands of innocent victims, including children, students and women have been killed in recent times, and many properties have been destroyed. With ensuing political tensions on the rise, economic activities being disrupted, insecurity and fears of the unknown increasing, people, particularly young people and women, are faced with greater uncertainty about their future. Recent tribal, ethnic, racial, and religious violence and the terrorist attacks in many parts of the world require a special and engaging peace initiative and intervention.

As a “bridge builder”, ICERM Radio aims to help restore peace to the most volatile and violent regions of the world. Conceived to be a technological instrument of change, reconciliation and peace, ICERM Radio hopes to inspire a new way of thinking, living and behaving.

ICERM Radio is intended to operate as a global peace network dedicated to promoting interethnic and interreligious cooperation, featuring programs that inform, educate, engage, mediate, and heal; including News, Lectures, Dialogue (Let’s Talk About It), Documentary Interviews, Book Reviews, and Music (I Am Healed).

ICERM lecture is the academic organ of ICERM Radio. Its uniqueness is based on the three objectives for which it is created: first, to serve as an incubator and forum for academics, researchers, scholars, analysts, and journalists, whose backgrounds, expertise, publications, activities, and interests are consistent with or relevant to the mission, vision and purposes of the Organization; second, to teach the truth about ethnic and religious conflicts; and third, to be a place and network where people can discover the hidden knowledge about ethnicity, religion, ethnic and religious conflicts, and conflict resolution.

“There will be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions,” and “there will be no peace among the religions without dialogue among the religions,” declared Dr. Hans Küng. In line with this assertion and in partnership with other institutions, ICERM organizes and promotes interethnic and interfaith exchanges, communication and dialogue through its radio programming, “Let’s Talk About It”. “Let’s Talk About It” provides a unique opportunity and  forum for reflection, discussion, debate, dialogue and exchange of ideas among different ethnic and religious groups who have long been severely divided by race, language, beliefs, values, norms, interests, and claims for legitimacy. For its realization, this program involves two groups of participants: First, invited guests from diverse backgrounds, ethnic groups and religious/faith traditions who shall participate in discussions and answer questions from listeners; second, the audience or listeners from around the world who will participate by telephone, Skype or social media. This programming also provides an opportunity to share information that would educate our listeners about available local, regional and international assistance that they may be unaware of.

ICERM Radio monitors, identifies and analyzes ethnic and religious conflict developments in countries around the world through cables, correspondence, reports, media and other documents, and through liaising with relevant stakeholders, as well as brings issues of importance to the attention of listeners. Through the Conflict Monitoring Networks (CMN) and Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARM), ICERM Radio covers potential ethnic and religious conflicts and threats to peace and security, and reports them in a timely manner.

ICERM Radio documentary interview provides a factual record or report on both ethnic and religious violence in countries around the world. Its goal is to enlighten, inform, educate, persuade, and provide insight into the nature of ethnic and religious conflicts. ICERM Radio documentary interviews cover and present the untold stories about ethno-religious conflicts with a focus on the community, tribal, ethnic and religious groups involved in conflict. This program highlights, in a factual and informative manner, the origins, causes, people involved, consequences, patterns, trends and zones where violent conflicts have occurred. In furtherance of its mission, ICERM also includes conflict resolution experts in its radio documentary interviews to provide information for listeners about conflict preventionmanagement, and resolution models that have been previously used and their benefits and limitations. Based on the collective lessons learned, ICERM Radio communicates opportunities for sustainable peace.

ICERM Radio book review program offers an avenue for authors and publishers in the field of ethnic and religious conflicts or related areas to get more exposure for their books. Authors in this field are interviewed and engaged in an objective discussion and critical analysis and evaluation of their books. The purpose is to promote literacy, reading and understanding of topical issues about ethnic and religious groups in countries around the world.

“I am Healed” is the therapeutic component of ICERM Radio programming. It is a music therapy program carefully formulated to facilitate the healing process of the victims of ethnic and religious violence – especially children, women and other victims of war, rape, and individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, refugees and displaced persons -, as well as to restore the victims’ sense of trust, self-esteem and acceptance. The type of music played is from a variety of genres and is destined to promote forgiveness, reconciliation, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, hope, love, harmony, and peace among people of different ethnicities, religious traditions or faiths. There is a spoken word content which includes recitation of poems, readings from selected materials demonstrating the importance of peace, and other books that promote peace and forgiveness. The audience is also given the possibility to make their contributions by telephone, Skype or social media in a non-violent manner.