A World of Terror: An Intra-Faith Dialogue Crisis


This study about a world of terror and intra-faith dialogue crisis investigates the impact of modern religious terrorism and establishes how intra-faith dialogue can be employed in managing this crisis before a political solution could be explored. The study identifies many terrorist groups formed under the umbrella of freedom fighters that escalate violence, causing innocent religious followers to become victims of circumstances. The study also discovers that, in a number of faith-based organizations, little or no efforts have been put in place to conduct dialogue concerning contentious issues that drive certain religious groups to embrace terrorism driven activities. In many cases the religious role of bridging gaps between human beings has been turned upside-down as some faith-based leaders are at the forefront in fueling violence in the name of religion. The study concludes that the level at which terrorism is justified in the name of religion is alarming. Boko Haram in northern Nigeria and Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army from northern Uganda to the Great Lakes region of Africa are known examples. Faith-based organizations are therefore encouraged to stand up in favor of peace by facilitating intra-faith dialogue. The study recommends that, since terrorist acts are committed by a few individuals with selfish interests, the entire community members should not be criminalized. The world of terror can be transformed into a world of peace through dialogue. Intra-faith transformation provides an indispensable foundation on which interfaith dialogue and transformation could be achieved.

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Segujja, Badru Hasan (2017). A World of Terror: An Intra-Faith Dialogue Crisis

Journal of Living Together, 4-5 (1), pp. 204-220, 2017, ISSN: 2373-6615 (Print); 2373-6631 (Online).

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