Membership Meetings Videos

Membership Meetings

ICERMediation hosts its membership meeting virtually every month. 

Members of ICERMediation join the monthly meeting from many countries around the world. 

As an international conflict resolution and peacebuilding organization, we see our monthly meetings as a great opportunity to discuss emerging conflict issues in various countries and how to resolve them.

At our membership meetings, we exchange ideas on how to foster a culture of peace among, between and within ethnic, racial and religious groups. 

We usually invite a keynote speaker to open our meeting with a well-informed, well-researched talk or lecture. At the end of the lecture, members are given enough time to ask questions, share their views, and interact with the speaker to deepen our understanding of the subject matter. 

Our past keynote speakers include experts from universities around the world, as well as practitioners and policymakers. We had also invited leaders from different countries, for example, Yacouba Isaac Zida, Former Prime Minister and President of Burkina Faso. His Excellency Zida talked about how we can help manage ethnic and religious conflicts

The videos you are about to watch were recorded during some of our membership meetings. We hope you will find them inspiring and informative.  

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